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Check out “What to Eat” to see how easy it is to be on a whole-food, plant based (WFPB) vegan diet! Visit Why We Walk to see why we eat this way. Learn from some of the most vast sources on nutritional science under Resources and On the Issues.

We are active, so follow us on facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.Vegan Walk advocates a healthiest lifestyle for all. We have pulled together the best resources to make it easy for you start on and maintain the a clean, simple, sustainable, compassionate diet and lifestyle!

Vegan Walk was created to help our friends and family get on track with the healthiest lifestyles for all. It was created for non-vegans but vegans have shared with me how it’s helped them too! VeganLinked.com is our new project designed more for fostering vegan community and accelerating the vegan movement. Non-vegans may find inspiration there too. You may visit our profile on VeganLinked here.