Anastasjia Louise shares her experience after being a vegan for a year. Prior to becoming vegan she had a lot of stomach problems, she was constipated, she had eating disorders which was why her weight undulated. She says she was forced into it because her non-vegan diet was killing her, which made it a fast transition for her.

She goes on to explain that her hair, nails, skin. Hair grows faster and has thickened. Her skin had discoloration which is now it is a lot less pervasive. Like her hair, her nails are stronger and grow faster.

Her love of the outdoors has become more intense. While she’s always loved animals and nature in general, she feels much more “in touch” with it all now.

She says a third thing about becoming vegan is mental clarity. Now she can focus on things, like read a book now. And her anxiety has “slowly been deteriorating”.

A fourth thing, she now has way more energy. She even wakes up earlier. She doesn’t even have to use an alarm. So, now she’s “getting more things done”.

The last benefit to being vegan she shares is regarding her immune system. In just a few months she noticed her now stronger immune system.


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