Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding

A Healthy Vegan Dessert from The How Not to Die Cookbook

By The How Not to Die Cookbook here: Click Here

A friend on facebook was sharing that I should do more recipe videos. He also mentioned having a son that doesn’t like meat. Both his son & my son are 13 years old. So I thought I’d ask my son to pick it out of my favorite new book, The How Not to Die Cookbook and this is what he picked.

I was really salivating over this by the time I finished taking pictures and devoured my portion. So I failed to capture my response to how delicious this was! I really liked the ingredients and savored every taste and texture letting this slowly satiate through my palate with every enjoyable bite. My wife seemed to feel like maybe hers was a bit “astringent” yet she “liked it”… lol. I loved it nonetheless. At the time of posting this my son hadn’t tried the recipe yet. Update coming soon…

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