My wife, son, and I had a beautiful day with some amazing vegan friends that cooked us up an awesome meal in front of their cozy fireplace. When I finally got to taste my crustless pumpkin pie it was perfect!!!

After hanging with our veg friends we relocated to visit family for Thanksgiving next. It really helped us get through the day visiting our friends first. It’s tough watching family eating the very things that make them sick, have chronic diseases, and will most likely lead to premature death.

I remember one of the first years I had Thanksgiving Dinner at my wife’s parents over 7 years ago. This was before I went vegan. It’s so easy to over eat this time of the year. I got so stuffed I fell asleep on their coach. I woke up a bit later and felt sooo sick!

Dying December

We’re fast approaching another big holiday. December is also the month people die the most. And our leading killer, cardiac disease, is using the leading cause of December deaths, as well as many other leading causes of death like digestive diseases, and cancer.

Knowing that these leading causes of death are directly related to eating within the animal kingdom makes it hard to watch family stuff their faces with meat, eggs, and dairy all day. We’ve been advocating, role modeling, sharing recipes, offered our support, and just doing everything we can to help them. I think in time they will see, I just hope it’s not too late when they do.

Non-Vegan Family

As we get older we often see family less. So the little time you do spend ideally would be quality time. Sometimes our lifestyle can get in the way. It’s important that we stay strong, learn and share advocating consistently, and maintain rapport by balancing advocacy with other activities. Don’t give up, you’ll probably regret it when they’re gone.

Learn more about advocacy, click here

Below is a video by Gary Yourofsky sharing some of his family experiences. My wife and I watched “The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear” by Gary back in 2010. Gary’s work was one of the biggest inspirations that galvanized us toward changing our lives for the best by starting a vegan diet. Check out to see what all Gary’s up to!


  1. Anne Landry

    We were so glad to have had you guys! And your pumpkin pie was AWESOME too!! ❤

    • veganwalk

      Thanks for making it such a special day, wish we could have all hung out longer, hopefully we will soon 🙂


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