This video, appropriately titled “The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear”, by Gary Yourofsky was one of the most inspirational and important videos we saw when my wife and I first became vegan.

Originally, I became vegan for health reasons. I just didn’t feel healthy with my traditional diet. Gary challenged me to really think about the ethics and logic in a much deeper way.

This video is the pinnacle of logic being put well. It expresses for ethics what Cowspiracy does for the environment. Gary’s presentation is so important that I also rank it up with other great, significant documentaries like Mission Blue, What the Health, Forks Over Knives, and Food Matters. All these fuel veganism with such meaningful integrity. So be sure to check all these videos out after this!

Welcome to “the world’s oldest and strongest addiction”

When what we do makes sense on every level we are much stronger. We are living in harmony with our body, mind, community, all of life, and the world. We enable our existence to maintain being a part of the universe.

A healthy diet based on compassion is quintessential to the continuity needed for good mental health. And veganism’s integrity is so vast, far beyond you, perpetuating a difference across the planet.

Think about these things:

“It is never ok to be picking and choosing which forms of discrimination to be opposed to”

“The Golden Rule states, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Animals qualify as others. And, though shall not kill. The four most important yet most ignored words in all religious teachings.”

“Speciesism: the unethical, unprincipled point of view that the human species has every right to exploit, enslave, and murder another species. And all because we believe our species is so more special, so more superior than the other ones. We’re the only ones that count and we’re the only ones that matter. That line of thinking, that thought process, that is the bases of all forms of discrimination.”

“Understand something essential about discrimination. It is never ok to be picking and choosing which forms of discrimination to be opposed to. Which ones to say are evil, racism, and which ones to say are ok, speciesism. Discrimination is evil in its foundation or it’s not. Cannot have this one both ways, it does not work like that.”

When sharing a video of what goes on in a slaughterhouse, Gary says to his audience if you choose to eat meat, milk, cheese, and eggs I think at the very least you are obligated to see the pain and suffering your are causing. But if you do feel a need to turn away or close your eyes during this video, you might need to ask yourself a question. If it’s not good enough for my eyes then why is it good enough for my stomach?

“Right now, on American highways, there are no less than 5,000 concentration camp trucks. Trucks that we constructed. Inside these trucks there are living, terrified, innocent beings; Cows and pigs and chickens.  These trucks are being driven to concentration camp slaughterhouses that we’ve carefully constructed all across America.  When the trucks arrive the animals are so frightened they won’t even get off the truck. They’re not stupid, they know what’s next. So, people go on the trucks with electric prods and force them to walk down the shoots to their own death inside, these innocent, living beings are hanged upside down fully conscious. In other words, they go in live against their will and come out chopped up into hundreds of pieces. Do you know what’s more insane than that? Meat eaters walking around like their lifestyle isn’t causing any harm! Like it’s normal and natural to be consuming violence and death. How would you feel if the day you were born somebody else had already planned the day of your execution?”


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