Tonight I was conducting some causal armchair research and came across this anti-vegan statement, something I’ve heard more than once:

“If a human consuming animal products is immoral then why isn’t a lion or any other animal consuming animal products also immoral and something we should stop.”

We’re not Designed to Eat Meat

I am vegan and have no problem with a lion being a carnivore. Really though, I’m a frugivore by choice and design, or even better just an earthling. People eating omnivoriously are by choice but not by design (see Humans are Frugivores). And it’s worth noting that lions do not get heart disease, our leading cause of death from eating animals (dietary cholesterol, TMAO, heme-iron oxidation, etc…).

As humans we are significantly different than a lion. If we tried to hunt and kill as a lion does we’d most likely get injured in the process and die from bacterial contamination. Trying to sustain on the lions’ diet we would become so deficient in fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants we would not live long enough to die from diabetes, cancer, or heart disease but die from scury or some other nutrient deficiency.

Choose Wisely

Because we are human we are uniquely creative and capable of understanding things scientifically. We are capable of reason and then adjusting our behavior if we so desire, let’s call it freewill. There’s about half a million lions (at the time I was writing this) in the world. However, there are over 7.5 billion humans. We’re populating so exponentially fast it just isn’t sustainable to eat meat.

A whole-food, plant based diet is an option that can enable those who adopt it to live healthier, longer, and happier. Being vegan also leaves a smaller footprint on the environment ending and reversing vast desertification and oceanic dead zones. And veganism can help put an end to the over 50 billion and climbing animals being tortured and slaughtered annually.

Ultimately, morality doesn’t really apply to a lion. Next time you see one in the wild, ask the lion what principles it has regarding right and wrong and see how far you get.

The anti-vegan quote was from a comment found here at Ted Talks

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