Lost a Friend Today

Well, I lost another friend today. Not from heart disease or cancer, rather, it was from diabetes. And, he didn’t die, he just unfriended me on facebook most likely because of our conversation about diabetes.

This tends to happen from time to time when we advocate. And while this may sound like I did something wrong, I can confidently say I didn’t. I am absolutely sure I maintained a calm, professional, thorough disposition. And I am proud that I was advocating with integrity. And in the end, when this sort of thing happens in a public forum I inevitably gain several new friends!!!

So, most all is well after this loss. Maybe he’ll come back around, maybe he actually learned something, or maybe he’s just that deep in denial that he resents me for staying steadfast on the evidence while being a voice for the voiceless. Either way, not only did I gain new friends, I learned new things (check out our post on Evidence Based Advocacy!).

There was some really great dialog going on as people started chiming in. This particular person was not only living with diabetes and advocating a low-carb, animal diet, he is extremely religious. He claims animals were put here by God here for us to eat. But if that is the case it’s a bad case for God because this diet is killing people.

Others chimed in though making a case for the bible and a whole-food, plant based diet. And that’s where things really seemed to get awesome! Then as I was about to hit send on a response the post was no longer available.

Success is about having “the capacity for applied failure”. Knowing this I am able to keep trying to fine tune my advocacy skills. I do this by learning, getting inspired by others, and not getting too down when things like this happen.


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