In the documentary Mission Blue, Dr. Sylvia Earle explains how she has witnessed first hand, unlike anyone,  the destruction of our precious oceans. Learn more about Dr. Sylvia Earle, her team, and how Mission Blue has evolved into a mission to create Hope Spots around the globe to save the ocean at And definitely watch watch Mission Blue on Netflix

Below are various clips from Mission Blue. The trailer is in the mix too. But really, you should see the entire movie.

Trailer for Mission Blue

Swimming with Whale sharks

The Ocean is Dying

6 decades of agriculture has been polluting the oceans with nitrogen fertilizer running off into the ocean through the Mississippi river. This kills Phytoplankton which in turn reaps havoc on the ecosystem, creating dead zones and killing fish. This coupled with gross over fishing, oil spills and tens of thousands of drill sites, and the effects of urbanization around coastal areas is destroying the entire ocean.

A Piece of Me

Dr. Sylvia Earle decides to experience over fishing first hand. The experience made her feel as though a piece of her was being ripped out of the ocean as well. But, to appreciate the gravity of this state, you really have to experience this entire documentary.

Hope Spots

In just a few decades we have created over 500 dead zones. Sylvia hopes to seize this destruction by creating Hope Spots where we protect significant portions of the Oceans.


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