What To Eat

If you’re ready to start a whole-food, plant based vegan diet or already on one and just need help getting the most out of it these tools are for you. If you still need convincing check out the topics under “On The Issues” and “Resources“. You may also benefit from a post we’re working on called “Best Foods to Eat“. The best tools we suggest to get started now are:

  1. Daily Dozen” (free app and checklist and a GREAT way to get started right, right now)
  2. How Not To Die Cookbook” (when you can get your hands on it, available Dec. 5th or pre-order now)
  3. Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen (what foods to buy organic when you can)
    You may also like to play with the cronometer
  4. Supplements (essential for everyone)

This “Plant Based Diet Booklet” by Kaiser Permanente is a terrific resource and incredible accomplishment toward this important paradigm shift. Be sure to check it out! There are many other great resources out there as well now like Forks Over Knives where you can find lots of great information and tools like meal plans. Our “References” page has several doctors that you can check out. Many of them offer books, meal plans, and various resources for a whole-food, plant based diet. There’s all consistent in knowing and sharing the best, evidence based diet.

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1. Daily Dozen

Below is a quick video overview to get you started on the Daily Dozen app. The Daily Dozen app was developed for establishing a balanced, whole-food plant based diet. This app is essential! This short video “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist” is a great overview of the most simple yet powerful app. This is what an evidenced whole-food, plant based diet is all about right here!

Everything about the Daily Dozen app is backed by the most solid nutritional evidence to date. Dr. Greger and his team analyze all of the nutritional literature throughout the year, every year. They then share their meta-analysis in professionally produced videos. These videos are organized and available at NutritionFacts.org. The videos are also accessible for each type of food in the app!

Daily Dozen Checklist

The Daily Dozen app by NutritionFacts.org is the way to go. You may also want to print out the Daily Dozen Checklist so we made you a document version. But the document in no way is a replacement for the app.

2. How Not To Die Cookbook

This is the most exciting cookbook ever! Based on the evidence, this will be the most powerful, definitive cookbook for a whole-food, plant based diet! I ordered several for family Christmas presents! Click the image on the right to learn more and “order now!

3. Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen!

The Dirty Dozen by the Environmental Working Group is NOT to be confused with the Daily Dozen by NutritionFacts, lol. Now you need to know what to buy organically when possible.

Always remember, even if you can’t buy organically (not available or just too expensive) you should still buy your fruits and veggies anyways!

Check out this playlist of videos for more information on organic foods.

“If just half the U.S. population were to increase fruit and vegetable consumption by a single serving a day, an estimated 20,000 cancer cases might be avoided each year… “We get a tremendous benefit from eating conventional fruits and vegetables that far outweighs whatever tiny bump in risk from the pesticides” NutritionFacts.org

To learn more about the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen PBS has a good, quick read on The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. You may also like to visit the source at EWG.org/foodnews/

4. Supplements

Simply put my family and I take three supplements:

  1. B12: 2,000 IU’s cyanocobalamin, sublingual, once a week
  2. Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU’s daily
  3. DHA and EPA: 250 mg daily

For more about why we take these supplement visit our “Supplements” post for all the nitty gritty!