My family and I were so blown away by how vast the selection of vegan food was at Nu Vegan located in Washington, DC. They also have a second location in Maryland. This is absolutely the most amazing vegan restaurant we have ever experienced.

We’re not much into mock meats. But their mock soul food was unbelievable! Our first time going here with our son was when he was just transitioning into a vegan diet. He devoured the mock chicken tenders he ordered. Everything we ordered was absolutely perfect.

The didn’t stop at all with mock meats. They had a vast selection of salads, beans, deserts, juices, etc. It was endless and fresh and very laid back environment. Everyone was very friendly and the ambiance with their clever, artistically painted affirmations on the walls. I would definitely work here if I could! I could live there if I could! And I would love to find a way to have this near me so I could take everyone there! Just a fantastic restaurant in all regards!

For more check out their appropriately titled website and follow them on facebook!


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