Our ancestors did not live on a meat/dairy “based” diet. They did hunt, it was a part of their diet, but this fact alone is not reason enough by any means to eat it in our modern day diet. We have healthier options. We live longer now and meat, eggs, and dairy are our leading cause of death. 

Our Ancestors through Agriculture

The most trim, fit populations throughout history have all been plant/starch-based See Dr. McDougall Talk about the most trim, fit populations. It is very unlikely meat was even an ideal option until domestication for farming. Plant-based agriculture dates twice as far back as the onset of animal agriculture.

Plant-based agriculture is far more diverse and vast throughout history as well. Wild grains, einkorn wheat, barley, peas, lentils, chick peas, flax, rice, soy, azuki beans, sugarcane, root vegetables, potatoes specifically in some cultures, various other beans, coca, bananas, etc… have been the base for most populations for tens of thousands of years. History of Agriculture


Just imagine the challenge though. Try using nothing but your hands, rocks, and sticks, try to catch, kill, and eat a wild animal. Try to survive based off of this and no modern tools, you’ll most likely die very quickly.

Archaeologist/science observe our plant-based origins by looking at isotopes, teeth, fossilized feces, and ancient macrobotanical remains. Furthermore, eating a high protein diet “since any meat they would have caught would have been extremely lean” would result in mal de caribou (Protein Poisoning). So they had to eat what was much more available, nutritious, and plentiful (grains, greens, fruits, legumes, root vegetables, etc…). See Ideal Diet For Humans by Galit Goldfarb.

The risk factor for getting hurt while catching and killing would have been high as well. And survival from even the slightest injury would most likely result in infection and death. Eating contaminated meat was a significant issue to overcome. It just was’t practical when more fruitful and safe alternatives were available.


Honestly, if resources were limited I would, despite being vegan, eat fish, or even a rat or a bug. But, I have the option to eat healthier, safer, and cleaner. This enables my compassion to pervade and it’s awesome, beautiful, and independent of being a sellout conformist to big corporations and violence.

The facts are simple. The populations living the longest. Just look at the Blue Zones like Loma Linda California, Sardinia, Okinawa, etc. These populations are plant based and have the highest percent of centenarians on the planet living well beyond 100 happy, healthy, active, and beautiful. See What Do All the Blue Zones Have in Common


As our awareness of our potential unfolds and science reveals what is healthiest we can make better choices based on what is available. Sure meat is available. But we are aware that meat, eggs, and dairy are completely unhealthy options regardless of our past.

So now we can bring compassion into the equation. There is no need to partake in an industry that encourages such gravely unhealthy diet behaviors, forces it’s workers to conduct such sadistic tasks, desensitizes billions to the death, while producing and subjecting over 50 billion animals every year to torture and slaughter, and simultaneously, exponentially crippling our footprint by destroying our environment through this industrial footprint.

All in all, it’s simple though. There is no need for this. A healthy lifestyle is easy to achieve. Check out What to Eat!


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