Paige Piskin talks about how her conforming lifestyle eating whatever everyone else was eating. She even started working out for weight loss but this didn’t last long when her relationship ended. So she started conforming with friends and her health was deteriorated. Bad food, not sleeping properly, drinking, eating whatever, and taking adderall eventually caused serious weight gain, hair problems, and esteem issues. She went from 105 to 160 pounds and felt the worse ever! Then she tried Isagenix and lost about 15 pounds. Then she started learning how to cook health and was able to quit Adderall but she was experiencing fatigue. Then she started listening to Deepak Chopra and heard about how cutting out red meat would help with fatigue. Then she learned about gluten and dairy intolerances and processed foods and cut those out. Because of all her issues throughout life she thought maybe she had food allergies. So she began her vegan path! Now she’s been 100% vegan for 5 years!


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