Over the years I’ve had several different friends ask me to take them grocery shopping. I haven’t been shopping in about a week so I figured this may be a good, spontaneous time to capture the experience with my camera phone at least. I edited it a little, showed how it relates the NutritionFacts.org Daily Dozen, and the EWG’s Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen.

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For a family of three our grocery bill will most likely be under $100 for a week. Granted, we have carry-over from last week. But we may have carry over from these purchases also. And we may go out to eat from time to time but that has been decreasing. It seems the more fresh things we have here the more inclined I am not to waste it and just eat at home! Especially since options are still so limited in this rural community.

Usually I go more frequently and get $20 or less worth of fresh stuff. And more frequent visits enable to walk because I won’t to carry as much.

I’ll probably go back this week and get some fresh broccoli, sprouted whole grain bread, more greens, and a few other things under $20 in all probably.

I hope to get a pressure cooker soon. Then I will start buying dry beans to save money and have better quality food. We also plan to start growing broccoli sprouts, the least expensive most nutritious bang for your buck! We buy things in bulk too to save like walnuts and pecans.

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