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Ceylon Cinnamon

There are various types of cinnamon available on the market. Most likely what’s being sold is Cassia cinnamon, the most common and also known as Chinese cinnamon which has been show to contain “a compound called coumarin which may be toxic to the liver.”(s) So we use and suggest Ceylon Cinnamon.

It may be hard to find “Ceylon” in the US though because they don’t specify. I know I couldn’t find it at any of my local stores. Most likely everything in the US is Cassia because it’s cheapest. So, if you want Ceylon it needs to specify this on the bottle.

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices. It’s awesome on oatmeal in the morning and a great way to get a ton of antioxidants. Esp. if you help soak those antioxidants up with some milled flax in the mix! “Evidence suggests that cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, antitumor, cardiovascular, cholesterol-lowering, and immunomodulatory effects.”(s) Turmeric is great too, but the oxalates in cinnamon are not nearly as soluble.(s) It’s best to have a teaspoon of cinnamon everyday to get the most out of it’s health potential.(s)

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts offer the most nutritional bang for your buck! At about $20 a pound, one pound makes about 75 cups of sprouts, which is about .25 cents a cup. The amount of sulforaphane in one cup of sprouts is equivalent to eating 27 cups of broccoli. That’s like buying a cup of broccoli for one penny! For more information check out Biggest Nutritional Bang for Your Buck, Broccoli Versus Breast Cancer Stem CellsSulforaphane: From Broccoli to Breast, and The Best Detox

Organic Raisins

Preservatives can be just as bad for your colon as eating meat. The raisins I’ve seen in stores locally all had sulfur dioxide (see video I made about it here: Preserve Yourself, without Preservatives!). It’s hard to find organic raisins locally. So, I get these online when I can and this seems like the best deal so far. Raisins are a great snack full of antioxidants!

Vitamin D3

Shown to extend life, Vitman D3 is essential for most people who just don’t get enough quality time in the sun. Garden of Life offers an awesome vegan version made with mushrooms! It was hard finding a source that was not made from lanolin (sheep’s fur) and D3 and 2,000 IU’s, this is the one!

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If you’re consuming foods fortified with B-12 that’s a great start. I have a serving of Cashew Milk every morning in my oatmeal that claims to be 50% of my daily B-12 needs. The amount in fortified foods can vary unfortunately though. So it’s important to at least take a 2,000 IU’s weekly sublingual dose of B-12 to ensure you’re getting enough. You can even take this twice a week if you want to be extra safe because it’s water soluble. So, you don’t have to worry about overdosing. The only worry is underdosing.

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While eating flax and walnuts everyday may be sufficient for enough DHA/EPA, conversion rates of short chain to long chaing fatty acids is still not clear in the scientific literature. So supplement if you can! Especially if you’re pregnant because of the amazing benefits it may have on your childs vision and intelligence.

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If you’re not eating seaweed or iodinized salt then you most likely should take a iodine supplement of 150 mcg. Kelp may have too much and hijiki may have arsenic.

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I love my ninja! It was the first tool I got when I started doing more in the kitchen. And it’s proven to be invaluable! First I was hooked on making amazing smoothies. Simply adding whatever berries, frozen or fresh, and bananas, along with some greens like kale or spinach, frozen or fresh, a tablespoon of milled flax, some vegan chocolate chips, maybe even a few nuts, and you have a super healthy smoothie!

Then there’s the food processor. When I started cooking recipes for real I started using the food processor practically every day! The Ninja has proven to be so important that we started buying it for family as Christmas and birthday gifts!

Instant Pot

It’s all about the Beans, Greens, Grains, and Fruit! And not just every day but every meal! So, it’s important to make eating beans as easy and healthy as possible. This is why we got the Instant Pot. I’ve seen a zillion great reviews on this. Even Mic the Vegan has this exact one and did a video recently sharing how invaluable and durable his has been. I went ahead purchased the 4 year service plan when I bought mine because it was so cheap to buy and I plan on using this almost daily.

Magic Bullet

This inexpensive little device works wonders for grinding up coffee beans and mixing up spices. My friend Anne Landry introduced me to this when we made the “Nutty Parm” for the veganlicious “Roasted Vegetable Lasagna” from most awesome “The How Not to Die Cookbook“.

Under Desk Walking Treadmill

I purchased this in the dead of winter December here in North Carolina. My walks had been cut off by the freezing temps. So right before the turn of the new years I bought this machine and so happy I did! I’ve been getting over 10K steps easily every day no problem! The time just flys while I work and walk.

This particular one was half the price of another I was considering. But, the other one had negative reviews. This one, there’s nothing to complain about! The only negative is the cover often comes cracked during the shipping process. It really doesn’t matter though because I cant even see where it’s cracked. So it looks great nonetheless and more importantly works awesome! I almost bought a cheap tredmill from walmart and just hacked it, I’m so glad I didn’t. This is literally designed for under the desk. It slides under my desk so easy and out again when I have enough steps and just want to stand or sit the rest of my desk time.

I just use the control module for it to set the speed and go. I use my phone to track my steps. The control module is pretty accurate against the google fit but it clears when you stop so it just makes more sense to use my google fit. I love this tredmill!

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This was my first improvement to my workstation. Having the ability to work standing really made a big difference in my overall strength instead of sitting which was just weakening me. It’s so easy to stand and work and it really improves your health. I noticed at facebook where I was doing some work they had these at their desks and I had to get one. This one is very durable and easily adjustable. So, I can easily pull it all the way up when I’m using my tredmill under my desk, halfway down when I’m standing, or go all the way down with it for when I’m sitting.

There’s a lot of options out there but this one reliably holds two monitors and all kinds of other stuff. If you decide to get the fitness desk and you’re relatively tall you may need to set this on something taller than a standard desk to compensate for the extra space from the tredmill.

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How Not to Die Cookbook!

This cookbook is packed full of over 120 of the most nutritious recipes possible. Backed by the leading research, these recipes are evidenced based. This is the perfect gift for family, friends, and even that local restaurant you’re trying to convert 😉

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