Nut Cravings

Have you ever felt like sometimes in the morning you overdo it with the nuts?  Maybe you get a bowl of oatmeal out or some whole rolled oats cereal.  Then top it with some beautiful, fresh berries. May as well sprinkle a heaping spoon of milled flax to get those omega ratios off to a good start. You know you just love getting in some nuts every day too. And they’re a yummy way to energize the start of the day. But don’t you dare put those nuts in your mouth just yet, you better hold those nuts first!

Fatty Ole Nuts

On a whole-food, plant based diet, flax, nuts, or avocados may be the only fatty things in your diet today. In other words, these healthy antioxidant rich nut morsels are one of the only “high energy density” foods you’ll eat on a truly whole-food, plant based diet. And they have been shown to extend life! (nuts may extend your lifespan) But before you get too excited about these nuts, stop! and think about it. You want to use a slow hand with those nuts, spread the love throughout the day, and just hold those nuts until your next antioxidant rich snack or meal.

Fat soluble foods help absorption of whatever is in your diet. So, if you’re eating a fatty sausage that package deal soaks up all those carcinogens and bacterial, byproduct toxins right into your blood stream, because food is a “package deal”. (see endotoxins)

Hold Those Fat Nuts

But we’re only talking about holding the nuts here, not meat. And we’re not talking about the oxidizing, acidic, sulfur containing amino acidic, hormone and antibiotic bacteria laden, putrefying, inflammatory side effects of meat, eggs, and dairy we as vegans don’t eat. We’re talking about what’s only found in plants, not animal products. Like the antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, beneficial amino acids, from the berries and oats in that warm does of nutritious breakfast. The fat from the milled flax helps soak up all that goodness! So, save your nuts!

Take It Easy With The Nuts

Don’t gobble down all those fatty nuts at once! Save a portion of your daily nut serving for different parts of the day. A serving is just a quarter cup of the healthiest, raw nuts (walnuts and pecans). So you may just let go of half those nuts for lunch and the rest for dinner whenever you dive into your next fruity snack or fluffy, fresh salad. Just think about when you may consume the most antioxidants and that’s when you can put those nuts in your mouth.

Nuts, Now the Herb

Since herbs and spices are 40X richer in antioxidants than blueberries use them in every meal you can. A little cinnamon at breakfast, some oregano in your salads for lunch and dinner, maybe some turmeric or cloves, these babies can go a long way. And this can be a great time for an avocado or those nuts you’ve been holding all day.

Don’t Waste Nuts on Your Naner

Of course, if you eat a mango or an apple for a snack a couple/few walnut halves would go great, that is if you eat the apple skin where most of the antioxidants are. But don’t waste those nuts on a banana or iceberg lettuce. Sure, bananas are great, but they oxidize pretty fast comparatively and therefore aren’t as antioxidant rich as some other things we hope you’re eating.


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