Vitamin D Deficiency!

In October 2017 I had my blood work done to save money on insurance. I became vegan back in 2010 right after I had my blood work done previously. So I was pretty excited comparing the results (video coming soon).

I paid a little extra to have my D levels checked. I had heard so much about how dangerously easy it is to become deficient. Especially since I spend so much time indoors. Sure enough I was extremely deficient!

I was not taking supplements prior to this vitamin D deficiency discovery. Now I am taking 5,000 IU’s a day for a few months and then I’ll step down to 2,000 IU’s daily, at least on days I do not get enough sun. To learn more about D visit our Supplements page. To purchase D3 now visit our Vegan Shop!


How Did I Let it Get This Bad?

I didn’t take supplements because I really didn’t know enough about them. And I always felt like I get outside enough since I like hiking and walking and being outside in general. I didn’t have any symptoms that I was aware of either.

Just prior to having my blood work I began learning as much as possible about nutrition from various amazing doctors like Dr. Barnard, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. McDougall, (see references page) and my all time favorite if I had to have one Dr. Greger at! During my walks watching videos by these eminent, paradigm shifting physicians I learned enough to realize I may very well be deficient.

In the beginning of October 2017, just prior to my blood work, I began a “whole-food, plant based diet” based on the evidence these doctors are showcasing. I had been vegan for 7 years but really didn’t know what to eat until now. So, I’m very excited, and this is really why I started, to organize and present what I’m learning so I may share this life enhancing information with friends, family, and the world!

So now I know I need to take Vitamin D3 and B-12 supplements. These are two things we cannot get sufficiently and safely from any diet. That is, without sacrificing my modern lifestyle to lay around naked outside eating dirt, feces, and bugs… This is so important that I have dedicated a post to supplements and reference it from the “What to Eat” page on

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