Today was so awesome! My wife, son and I got to spend most of the day at Changing Hearts Farm located in, I can’t believe it, Shelby!!!

Sarah helped another volunteer, Amanda and her son Austin from Greenville, SC, paint a fence. Meanwhile, Jeff (Amanda’s husband) helped Troy from Charlotte place a long row of posts. I helped Rick dig 8 holes and place some posts for the quarantine area.

Changing Hearts Farm is not open yet. But, they definitely have accomplished a lot! The quarantine area needed to be completed right away for the immenent arrival of a new resident which galvanized this volunteer day.

Rick had come across a very special steer by the name of Lucky that needed a home. So, Rick decided to take him in. But, Lucky’s present place may only be able to hold him until this coming Friday.

When you first bring in new cattle it’s important to quarantine them. This enables them to acclimate into their new home without going AWOL!

Before the day was over we reached our goal. Rick and Carolyn Solan, founders of Changing Hearts Farm, rewarded us with a tour of their beautiful progress with the Sanctuary. Then they introduced us to their current residents. The icing on the cake was a most delicious vegan meal!

We are very excited to return again as soon as possible and look forward to their official opening. And, more than anything, we’re excited about seeing this amazing couple’s vision come to fruition in every way!

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