Cow’s Milk is full of hormones that is intended to grow a calf from 6 pounds to 600 pounds in 6 months. When we consume milk we are essentially feeding cancer cells that may otherwise be dormant because of IGF-1 in Milk. And “Steroid hormones are unavoidable in food of animal origin. But cow milk may be of particular concern. The hormones naturally found in even organic cow’s milk  have a relationship between milk and dairy products with human illnesses, not just teenage acne, but prostrate, breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers; many chronic diseases plaguing the western world; as well as male reproductive disorders. Early puberty to endometrial cancer in older women. Women can cut their breast cancer risk in half by not just being normal weight and limiting alcohol, but also eating mostly foods of plant origin.” Check out “Food As Medicine” where the topic of milk starts by clicking here

And did you know that if you drink milk you are not just stealing milk from a baby calf? You’re stealing a baby calf from it’s mother. This is no different to the victims, the mother cow and baby calf, than it would be for you and your mother if you were separated from each other.

 The Price of Milk, Cheese (dairy) and veal: Separation of a cow and her calf

Another Mad and Sad Mamma:

A Mother’s Cry for Her Baby


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