Dr. Michael Greger is the pinnacle guru of this lifestyle movement and paradigm shift! His dedication to the science behind nutrition through meta-analysis and sharing this amazing body of work through videos is unprecedented and enormous!

Dr. Michael Greger is the founder of NutritionFacts.org where his productive team conducts the research on thousands of articles every year. And they have compiled this into thousands of videos as well! Nutrition Facts also produce creative solutions like the free Daily Dozen App for knowing what to eat and tracking it.

These are just some of the Year-in-Reviews I could find. There may be more out there. The most recent one I could find appears more of a compilation of the previous four years. The 09′ and 10′ talks in Hawaii are older forms of the more recent year-in-reviews. For more in depth information on the research Dr. Greger and his team have analized be sure to check out their elaborate library of videos. Each is concise and more details on a specific topic: nutritionfacts.org/topics

Dr. Greger is thorough and entertaining in his approach. Learn more about this incredible individual and his team here: nutritionfacts.org/about/ and be sure to check out the rest of Nutrition Facts!

How Not to Die

The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers

Dr. Greger live at the Dr. McDougall Health & Medical Center.

Food as Medicine

Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet

Dr. Greger’s 2015 live Year in Review presentation.

From Table to Able

Combating Disabling Diseases with Food

Dr. Greger’s 2014 live Year in Review presentation.

More Than an Apple a Day

Preventing Our Most Common Diseases

Dr. Greger’s 2013 live Year in Review presentation.

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

Dr. Greger’s 2012 live Year in Review presentation. Greger begin with the inquiry “what’s the best way to prevent death?”
Heart Disease: leading cause of death/dietary cholesterol.

Latest in Human Nutrition

Dr. Greger’s 2010 live Year in Review presentation.

Latest in Human Nutrition

Dr. Greger’s 2009 live Year in Review presentation.

What I Think About NutritionFacts.org

Nutrition Facts is an amazing library of videos that have been improving in production quality over the years but has always maintained fresh, amazing content. In addition to this free, no ads comprehensive content, they also provide useful, practical tools like the free Daily Dozen app.

What NutritionFacts.org Does

All year, every year, Nutrition Facts combs through all the nutritional literature to conduct “meta analysis” (science on the science!). What’s amazing about Dr. Greger, the founder and presenter, is he’s as genuine as it gets. For well over a decade you can find content from him doing what he does best, sharing the science on nutrition in an educational and entertaining way.

Dr. Greger’s mission started at an early age when his Grandmother’s life was turned around by the amazing dietary reform work of Dr. Ornish and Dr. Pritikin, two amazing, accomplished, life saving doctors (read about it here). My site has other doctors that are doing the most profound, life saving work as well at VeganWalk.com/references.

Doctors, Science, and Efficacy

The conclusions are all congruent. They are all saying and demonstrating the same thing. These doctors truly are eminent, paradigm shifting legends in healthcare implementing a whole-food, plant based diet with more success than any other treatment for many of the leading causes of disease and death.

Basically, over the last 80 years heart disease has been the leading cause of death. This was not an issue when our lifespan was shorter. Our lifespan has doubled in the last 70 years.

During this doubling of lifespan animal agriculture became industrialized and the world population went from under 2 billion to over 7.5 billion now. And with all this, science now has the ease of technology giving us unprecedented access to evidenced based nutrition.

It’s All Coming Together Now

Dr. Greger is the pinnacle of what all the other nutrition experts from the Physicians Committee to the largest healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente, to the National Institute of Health, Harvard, the Center for Disease, Food and Drug Administration, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, other countries, pervading through all of that into the largest, most rigorous and significant studies done on human nutrition. All this congruently shows the same results. A whole-food, plant based is the healthiest, safest diet.

Nutrition Facts basically started at the perfect time by the perfect person for the job. It’s an easy source with thousands of videos organized by topics on their site.

Dr. Greger built all of this free with no advertisements running even. Free unfettered access and use even of the material. His comprehensive experience and resume is most impressive as well. NutritionFacts.org/about

Unprecedented Times

It’s an amazing experience for me learning what all these doctors have to say about their observations, research, and successes starting just before and throughout my generation. This is an enormously transitional part of history with exponential population growth, production, discoveries, and hopefully advances when they’re needed the most.

The internet enables us unlike ever before to access research. My father, his father, none had access to this much information. Their information was profoundly limited by commercials, shallow news, and at best public education and a library.

It has been such an honor to learn from these doctors and then witness in real time nutrition facts being developed. Dr. Greger’s work with his team has been so consistent and become so enormous and invaluable! Nutrition Facts is the pinnacle of what science has been demonstrating and what doctors have been most successful with.

Walking Into Veganism

I’ve been vegan since 2010. I did it for health reasons. My doctor suggested leaner meat because of my cholesterol. I just got away from meat completely. Right after that I met someone in passing through work that was also vegan. This older, and just happen to be extremely wealthy guy said he had cancer over 15 years prior and didn’t have long to live. He tried various things and then read the “China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. The China Study is one of the most comprehensive of health and nutrition ever.

There’s a thing in sociology called social lag. This refers to the time it takes for people to change after a law has changed. In this case science has changed what we understand about our nutrition and life.

I went to college to help people. My Bachelor of Science in Psychology is reflective of my desire to be critical about this, learn, and apply. Applying cannot end with me. So I share what I learn and work to help others apply.

Choose Wisely

To make a choice requires a clear understanding of the options and their consequences. Otherwise one is just conforming which is what most do. Complacency has been gravely detrimental.


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